New stable release of Zoe 2018.12

Nov 29, 2018 • Daniele Venzano

After one year of work, we are proud to announce version 2018.12 of Zoe, the most notable changes are:

  • Implement a disabled label that lets admins disable hosts for maintenance reasons
  • Support running behind a reverse proxy
  • Option to get usage metrics from influxdb/telegraf
  • Show termination reasons on the web interface
  • GitLab authentication via OAuth2
  • Add a PAM login option
  • Implement alternative to websockets for log streaming to the web interface
  • Implement users, roles and quotas
  • Implement pagination for the execution list
  • Implement RANDOM and WATERFILL placement policies
  • Dynamic job size calculation lets prevents starvation of jobs waiting in the queue
  • Perform synchronous termination at the end of the scheduler loop to prevent race conditions
  • Removed deprecated features: Swarm back-end and the simple scheduler

The biggest item of them all is the implementation of users, roles and quotas. Finally Zoe has a real implementation that permits a flexible management of users. Administrators can now create users, setting different authentication back-ends for each user. Moreover they can define roles, setting different capabilities to different roles. Finally quotas permit limiting the resources used by each user in terms of cores, memory and time.

As usual, this version has been tested at Eurecom and is used in production to serve 100+ users daily.