We are proud to announce the latest stable release of Zoe 2017.06

Jun 30, 2017 • Daniele Venzano

The stable repository on github has been updated and you can check what’s new in the CHANGELOG file. Please note that in this version the ZApp description format has changed. We are switching to a system were each ZApp lives in its own repository: this will make it easier to build a “ZApp Shop” kind of interface. You can check new-format ZApps here:

  • Tensorflow
  • Jupyter
  • Boinc
  • Spark
  • Memcached
  • Many more will come…

For the next release, 2017.09, that will be available at the end of September, we are already hard at work. You can follow day-to-day development on our GitLab repository: https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/zoe/main/