Latest stable release of Zoe 2017.12

Dec 15, 2017 • Daniele Venzano

We just released version 2017.12 of Zoe, the most notable changes are:

  • New Docker Engine back-end, the Swarm back-end is now deprecated
  • Nodes and ZApps can be labelled for constraining execution placement, for example to run ZApps only on nodes with GPUs
  • Use non-reserved memory, cores, labels and image availability to take placement decisions
  • The elastic scheduler is considered stable, the simple scheduler is now deprecated
  • Zoe logs are more audit-friendly
  • Distinguish between reserved, allocated and in-use resources
  • Allocate cores automatically, respecting the minimum configured in the ZApp
  • Allow for more options and resource limits to be customized on the web interface (users or admins, not for guests), maximum limits are set in the zoe.conf file
  • Additional volumes can be mounted by specifying them in the zoe.conf file
  • Elastic services that die are rescheduled on a new node
  • Optional support for gathering usage metrics via KairosDB, for now these metrics are only used in the status page plots
  • More configuration options for LDAP authentication