2017.03 release is now live on github!

Mar 31, 2017 • Daniele Venzano

This release marks an important turning point for Zoe. More contributors are joining the project, merging very interesting new features. Moreover all releases are now tested through a fully automated continuous integration pipeline.

  • We have moved to a regular, three-months release cycle. Development happens on a separate repository, join the mailing list to participate actively to the development.
  • Version numbers are now based on the date of the release
  • Kubernetes back-end: Zoe can now start ZApps on Kubernetes instead of Swarm
  • Deployments scripts for Linux and Windows ease the installation of Zoe
  • The elastic scheduler implements an advanced algorithm for optimizing resource utilization: read the paper describing the details
  • A preview of the new web interface based on AngularJS that will be fully developed in the next release