Zoe - Analytics on demand

Zoe brings data analytics to the modern world.

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What is Zoe?

Zoe is a user-facing application that sits on top of your preferred container engine and makes it simple for data scientists and system administrators to efficiently use available resources and run the latest data intensive frameworks. Building Zoe Applications is easy and just requires knowledge of JSON and Dockerfiles, nothing more. On the ZApps page you can find some examples that will clarify how Zoe can be used.

Easy to use: a few clicks to start

Use the web interface for launching complex data exploration frameworks in a few clicks, or use the APIs to call Zoe from your own scripts. Zoe is independent from applications. A generic application description language is used to build compositions of analytics services, define resource constraints and configuration options. For example, a user can run Spark or MPI jobs on Zoe, by providing appropriate descriptions and Docker images.

Fast: new clusters in seconds

Zoe can create a fully configured Spark cluster, with 20 compute nodes and an iPython notebook in a few seconds. In this video we show the user-facing command line interface to Zoe and demonstrate how fast and easy it is to define and start a new application.

Smart: advanced scheduling

Zoe is built from the start to make full use of the available capacity in your Docker cluster. Not only Zoe is smart in placing containers, but when resources are exhausted, Zoe will queue new requests using state of the art scheduling algorithms. Zoe is streamlined for maximum efficiency. As soon as an application is ready for execution, it is translated in Docker commands and deployed. Zoe can provision compute-only applications, but also data layers, like Hadoop HDFS. We keep testing the Zoe concept composing new services and extending Zoe's capabilities. Stay tuned for more!